DisplayScript is a programming language and editing environment designed specifically for making user interfaces.

This project is in a very early stage, and we're still figuring out how everything should work. Please don't rely on DisplayScript for anything serious yet! Many things are unfinished or broken. Right now the editor is mainly intended to be useful as a prototyping tool.

Take a look at the DisplayScript Introduction as a starting point, then read the Language Reference and Editor Reference for more info. You can also check out some examples.

Download the latest version (Mac only for now) and let us know what you think. All feedback is appreciated!

Here's what the editor looks like:

Source Code

There's not much infrastructure here yet. You can run

git clone http://displayscript.org/git/DisplayScript.git

to make a read-only clone of the repository. Use Xcode or xcodebuild to build from source. Get in touch if you have patches or want to get more involved!

Versions and Changelogs


DisplayScript is in the public domain. More licensing options may appear in the future.